Eagle Rush Energy Drink a the premium brand of the Enebev Group, a highly experienced formulator and manufacturer of super brands in the energy drink market. The company recognized the need to create a premium energy drink which delivers what most energy drinks promise to deliver, but fail – a Rush of energy!

We have been at the root of energy drinks for the past couple of years and have had our finger on the pulse of world trends.  We are incorporating these ideas into our company, but also improving on existing trends keeping up with the needs of the consumers.  We have seen energy drinks come and go in South Africa and feel we are connected to our customers, clients and consumers.  Being an agent and distributor you learn to adapt very quickly to an ever changing market and apply the resources you have to their best use.

Our primary market is South Africa, with the rights for sale of the four main hubs/provinces.  We currently distribute Eagle Rush to both on-consumption (pubs and clubs) and retail sectors (petroleum forecourts, Spars, 7/11’s, etc) in both Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal.  We have a very good relationship with all clients and they have embraced the changeover to Eagle Rush with enthusiasm.  Most of the clients that we currently deal with have expressed to us that they are looking for a premium drink that is well priced.


Enebev has sourced a unique new packaging solution which is going to revolutionize the way beverages are packaged.  We would like to bring this concept to the South African and overseas market and grow the Eagle Rush brand.  Eagle Rush undertakes to give back to the community, create employment opportunities, empower the previously disadvantaged and involve the youth of our country.



Available at a convenience store near you! If Not,

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